Getting Rid of Moles in Yards
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Getting Rid of Moles in Yards

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    LESLIE: Heading to Tennessee and apparently, so are the moles to Kim’s yard. What’s going on?

    KIM: Yes. I’m trying to get rid of these moles in my yard. Please help me.

    TOM: Well, one of the ways to get rid of moles in your yard is to not make your yard quite so attractive, by getting rid of the grubs that are in your lawn. Moles are usually there because there’s plenty of food.

    And so, if you used a product like GrubEx to get rid of the grub – that’s the grubs. Grubs are little, white, juicy insects that moles just love. And if you get rid of the grubs, then the moles will find a new place to eat. But if there’s plenty of grubs, there’s plenty of food, they’re going to stay in your yard. Does that make sense?

    KIM: Alright. Well, good. Thank you so much. I’ll try the GrubEx.

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