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    LESLIE: Now we’re heading over to Pennsylvania where Julia has a window question. What’s going on at your money pit?


    JULIA: Well, I have one of the metal sunrooms and it’s been quite a problem for me and I would like to have some help and guidance as to what I should do because it’s not really serviceable. And the windows are all stained because the seals are broken; they have failed because the insulating factor is gone.


    TOM: And you want to know the least expensive way to fix that?


    JULIA: The most economical way, yes. I know if I just …


    TOM: Julia, that would be curtains, OK? (chuckles) Because when the seals go between the glass like that, you can’t repair that because you can’t restore that vacuum to that window pane. The panes wear that way; the thermal panes wear that way and when they get a leak in them you get moisture inside that discolors it. Now, the good news is that it really only affects you visually; it doesn’t so much affect the value. So it’s still going to be a reasonably well-insulated piece of glass but it does get kind of nasty looking. So, until you really can’t stand to look at it, I would live with it.


    Sorry I don’t have better news for you, Julia, but remember, window treatments are cheap. (chuckles)


    LESLIE: Yeah, especially if you make them yourself. (chuckles)

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