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Why Are Drafts Coming From My Gas Fireplace?

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    LESLIE: Susan in Missouri has a question about a fireplace. Tell us what’s going on at your money pit.

    SUSAN: Well, I have a gas fireplace and it’s one of those where they seem to have cut the hole in the wall and stuck the fireplace in there and now I cannot stop the wind from blowing in. I don’t know what to do.

    TOM: OK. So is the wind coming in the hole where the gas pipe is coming through?

    SUSAN: It seems to be coming from all around the fireplace. You know, it’s got the mantle and it comes from around the mantle. And anywhere where there’s – where it’s been put together, it seems to have air coming in. And of course, it is coming in – it’s got the outside box, I guess. They have the exhaust.

    TOM: OK. So this sounds to me like it’s a manufactured fireplace as opposed to an old, brick one that was converted to gas. Is that correct?

    SUSAN: Absolutely. Absolutely, yes.

    TOM: And it has doors on it, too?

    SUSAN: No. It does not.

    TOM: Do you know what the brand is of the fireplace?

    SUSAN: A Lennox, I believe.

    TOM: Well, the first thing I would do is I would take a look at the installation. And very often, there’s probably gaps somewhere around that box that were not properly sealed. I could – I would also consider contacting Lennox and getting the original installation instructions. You may even be able to download those, which would give you or your contractor a guide to determine if it was correctly installed. And then, thirdly, I would find out if doors are available for that fireplace, because that could solve all your problems.

    SUSAN: Oh, OK. OK.

    TOM: Especially if it’s a gas fireplace premade and it has a combustion air supply, you may be able to keep that all behind glass doors to stop all the drafts from coming through.

    SUSAN: Oh, that’s a great idea. Thank you. I’ll try that.

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