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Where to Find Ice and Water Shield

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    LESLIE: Next up is Regan who wants to talk about ice and water shield.

    Regan, how can we help?

    REGAN: Yes, I was just wanting to know where I could find that ice and water shield, like to put on a roof.

    TOM: Well, it’s available at home centers and lumberyards and roofing supply houses. The leading manufacturer of ice and water shield is Grace Construction and if you go to their website – which is GraceAtHome.com; it’s G-r-a-c-e-A-t-H-o-m-e, at Home, GraceAtHome.com – you can probably find a link to a local supplier or certainly you could call them and the number there is at that website.

    What kind of a project are you doing, Regan?

    REGAN: I’m doing an addition on the back of my house.

    TOM: OK.

    REGAN: Yeah. And since it’s warm down here, I was just trying to find something a little better that would stay on the roof.

    TOM: Yeah, well ice and water shield is really a good choice because what it does is it is the first thing that’s installed on the plywood and it gives you protection at that lower edge. In the part of the country that you’re in, you’re really going to need it because this way, if you have any snow, a heavy snowfall, and it melts and it sits at that edge and then the water runs down behind it, it forms an ice dam and that will back up into the roof structure itself.

    So to build a roof that’s virtually leak-proof, you put in ice and water shield first and then you use a reinforced roofing underlayment on top of that. Grace has a product called Tri-Flex 30 that’s a really stiff, reinforced roofing underlayment. You put those two products on, then you can put standard roof shingles on top of it and you’ll have a really solid, durable roof that’s just not going to leak no matter what the weather has to dish out.

    REGAN: That sounds good.

    TOM: Regan, thanks so much for calling The Money Pit.

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