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What Type of Toilet Should I Buy?

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    LESLIE: Now we’re talking to Ray in Texas who’s looking into a new toilet flushing system.

    Tell us about it, Ray.

    RAY: Well, I’m remodeling my bathroom and I’m putting a new toilet in. I’ve experienced two types of toilets: one is the bowl fills with water and then flushes; and the other it just sort of whooshes down – I don’t know what the expression is but …

    LESLIE: Oh, it sort of just like sucks it straight down like it’s a force.

    RAY: Yes, that’s right.

    TOM: And so you’re wondering what type you should get for your new bathroom, Ray?

    RAY: That’s correct.

    TOM: Well, there’s actually a third type of toilet which I’m kind of hot on. It’s called the Champion and it was developed by the folks at American Standard. It came out, I guess, about two years ago. And the Champion toilet has a completely redesigned bowl. The problem with the low-flow toilets is that there’s just not enough water in there to push the waste down. But with this American Standard Champion design, they pretty much redesigned everything. They redesigned all the valves. They redesigned the bowl. They took out all of the points in the bowl where the waste would become obstructed. And I put one of those in my house; I’ve been very, very happy with it. So you might want to take a look at the American Standard Champion because that’s going to be a good-quality toilet that’s not going to get stuck; it’s not going to block, back up. But it’s not going to use a lot of water, either.

    RAY: Well, what type of flushing system does that have?

    TOM: It has its own type of flushing system. See, these guys completely redesigned the flush valve in it to basically – the engineers figured out how to put as much downward force on that water as possible, so it doesn’t use the standard flush valve. It has a completely redesigned flush valve. It looks like a cone that picks up and lets the water through really quickly and it flushes a lot of waste.

    RAY: Now is that a lot more expensive than the other two or …?

    TOM: No, it’s not terribly more expensive for a good-quality toilet.

    RAY: Well, I’ll check out my local lumber yard and …

    TOM: Yeah, or go to AmericanStandard.com and you can read about them there. OK?

    RAY: Very good.

    TOM: Alright, Ray.

    RAY: Thank you very much.

    TOM: You’re welcome. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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