What Product Can I Use On Rust Stains in My Toilet?
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What Product Can I Use On Rust Stains in My Toilet?

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    LESLIE: Carol in Oregon is on the line with some rusty water at her house. What’s going on?

    CAROL: My house is about 25 years old. I’ve lived in it for about six. My problem is well water corroding both of my toilets.

    TOM: OK.

    CAROL: And I don’t know – I’ve tried using Clorox. That doesn’t seem to work. I’m wondering if there’s something – some kind of a chemical or something – that I can put inside the tank to keep it from turning black.

    TOM: So, have your tried CLR?

    CAROL: No. What is that?

    TOM: OK. So I would look – take a look at CLR. It’s a product that’s been around for many, many years. A great company. CLR stands for calcium, lime and rust. It’s specifically designed to clean rust stains from bathroom fixtures.

    CAROL: OK. Could you spell that for me?

    TOM: Yeah. C-L-R.

    CAROL: OK. Got it.

    TOM: Stands for calcium, lime and rust. See? I was never a good speller but I got that one, huh?

    CAROL: Yeah. You did.

    TOM: Alright. Good luck with that project. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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