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Wayne Sump Pumps Unclog Themselves

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    LESLIE: Paulette in Illinois has a question about a Wayne SmartPump. Tell us what your project is. What are you working on?

    PAULETTE: Well, the sump pump – I was recommended the Wayne Smart and I cannot find it.

    TOM: The Wayne SmartPump is a pretty cool pump because it actually has the ability to reverse itself and clear any clogs. Their website is WaynePumps.com. WaynePumps.com.


    TOM: Or you can call them. They’re out of Ohio. The phone number is 800-237-0987. And you should be able to find a distributor for those pumps by contacting the manufacturer.

    PAULETTE: (overlapping voices) Oh, very good.

    TOM: I saw those demonstrated some time ago. They’re pretty cool because they – if they get clogged with dirt or debris or rocks …

    LESLIE: They correct themselves.

    TOM: … they’re smart enough to know that and they correct themselves; they reverse themselves to clear the clog.

    PAULETTE: Wonderful. 

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