Use a Door Sweep to Block Drafts

  • Transcript

    LESLIE: Art in Virginia, what’s going on at your house?

    ART: Well, I’ve got a 20-year-old house and the insulating strip on the bottom of the front door has gone away and I can’t make the people at the local home stores understand what I’m looking for if they do have it. (Leslie chuckles) Any idea where I can look for something to fill in that about half-inch gap?

    TOM: Yeah, now this is the actual strip on the bottom of the door itself? That’s called a sweep and Frost King I think would be the manufacturer that you might want to look into. It’s usually available at the big box home centers as well as hardware stores and you’re simply looking for a door sweep. Now you may not be able to find the exact door sweep that was on there originally. If that’s the case you could find one that attaches to the back of the door and sort of hangs down a bit. One way or the other you’ll be able to find a sweep that’s going to work for you and seal out air and water from getting under that door.

    ART: OK, I’ll check it out. Thanks a million.

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