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Toilet Seat Heating Options

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    LESLIE: Sherry in Alaska is looking for a way to keep her toilet seat warm in the winter. And in Alaska, Sherry, I imagine you want your butt warm in the wintertime.

    SHERRY: Boy, help me. Let me tell you. When you’ve got 15 feet of snow that you’ve got to wade through, it’s nice to have a warm toilet seat.

    TOM: Alright.

    LESLIE: You know, they actually do make heated toilet seats and they are sort of like after-market purchases that you can adapt to any toilet. And they range in price. And I mean it’s simple as just doing a Google search on a heated toilet seat but I would go with a reputable manufacturer of a toilet. Like KOHLER makes one that seems to be in the less-than-200 range. But on Amazon, I saw a couple of different ones that would range from 75 to 150 bucks.

    But just for peace of mind and knowing that I’m getting a good product that would go with the toilet I have – if you know the manufacturer of the toilet that you have, look to them. Because they do make heated seats.

    SHERRY: Well, yeah. And I wouldn’t want to have a malfunction with one of them.

    LESLIE: No.

    TOM: No, you definitely wouldn’t.

    And by the way, there’s also a type of mixing valve that can be installed, that will mix hot water in with the cold water that’s used to fill the toilet. So if the water is icy cold, that’s a way to take the edge off it, too.

    LESLIE: Then the bowl is cold.

    TOM: Because right, that could – makes the bowl cold, as well.

    SHERRY: Right. OK. Well, that’ll help keep the condensation down, too.

    TOM: Well, it definitely does. In fact, that’s the reason for that mixing valve. It’s sold specifically to stop the condensation problem. You can adjust how much hot water gets mixed in with the cold before the toilet gets filled.

    SHERRY: I appreciate your help. Thank you so much.

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