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    LESLIE: Carrie in Indiana has got a project in the kitchen. What can we help you with?

    CARRIE: Hi, I had a question. I live in a manufactured home and my counter – or my kitchen cabinets, the bottom ones, are all open. There’s nothing dividing them, so when I put everything in it’s just flying everywhere; there’s no organization. And I wondered if you have an idea of what I could use to separate that or what I should do.

    LESLIE: So when you open the doors to the bottom cabinet there’s – it’s just like one open, long shelf?

    CARRIE: Right.

    LESLIE: Have you thought – I mean, there’s tons of different things available at The Container Store online – ContainerStore.com – and even BedBathAndBeyond.com. They’ve got a lot of great kitchen organizers from metal racks that sort of stack upon one another that are perfect for glass heights or a stack of plates. You can also think about little metal drawers that sort of slide out on rollers that can suspend from just underneath the cabinet or maybe below the bottom shelf.


    LESLIE: Little baskets that you can put labels on. There are spice racks that are sort of made to go into drawers but you can get ones that are freestanding. If you’re looking to sort of give yourself some more storage on the backsplash, there’s great magnetic strips that you can put knives, spices, little storage bins on. There’s lots of smart stuff if you search the web; you can really find some cute things and organizational stuff is really fun to shop for.

    CARRIE: Alright, thank you.

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