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Tile a Floor Around a Toilet

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    LESLIE: Tiling is on Glenda in Florida’s mind. How can we help you with your project?

    GLENDA: I would like to know how to redo the floor or fix the floor under a commode. Because when I was at work and I had the floor done originally, he put the tile up to the commode and didn’t put it underneath the commode.

    TOM: Aw, I hate when that happens.

    GLENDA: So I’m wanting to know what to do; how to get it fixed right.

    TOM: Do you still have the tile? Is it available to you, Glenda?

    GLENDA: Yes, I do have some extra tiles.

    TOM: OK.

    GLENDA: And in fact, I did take up the tile that was right around the commode immediately.

    LESLIE: Mm-hmm.

    GLENDA: And I was able to get it up without breaking. And the thing is the floor is not completely level all the way there.

    TOM: Right.

    GLENDA: I’m having to do something to make it level. And that’s what I really needed help with.

    TOM: OK. Well, here’s what you need to do, Glenda. You need to take the toilet up. The toilet’s going to have to be reset. Once you take the toilet up and then you’re going to extend the existing tile right to the actual drain in the floor. Now, there’s a flange extension that can be added there – and this is probably not a do-it-yourself project but it would be very simple for a plumber to do that. It can extend the height of that drain by about the half-inch that you’ll need to make up for the new tile. Once it’s extended and once the new tile is down you simply put in a new wax seal, drop it back on and then you’ll have to extend the plumbing lines because, remember, the water line now is going to be a half-inch short because it’s actually taller than it was before.

    But that’s all that it’s going to take to fix this up; is you have to extend the drain for the toilet. And the tile guy didn’t do it because he was afraid of getting into a plumbing problem and it was probably a wise decision. But he should have told you that there was an option to go under the toilet or go around the toilet and if you wanted to go under it then you would need to have a plumber reset the toilet. And you know, it’s just too bad that you had to learn that the hard way.

    Glenda, thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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