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Tankless Water Heaters Can Save You Money

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    LESLIE: Okey-dokes. Ronny from Kentucky’s next and you’re thinking about replacing a water heater. Is that what’s going on?

    RONNY: Yes, that’s right. I was wanting to know if – I know the gas would probably be better but electric would be a lot more convenient and less work to put in.

    LESLIE: Now, are you thinking about a tankless water heater or a tanked one?

    RONNY: Tankless; yes, tankless water heater.

    TOM: And what do you have right now, Ronny?

    RONNY: I have a 40-gallon.

    TOM: It’s gas or electric?

    RONNY: No, it’s electric.

    TOM: Well, listen, you can replace – you can use a tankless electric or you can use a tankless gas. Gas is certainly going to be more efficient than electric and it will be less expensive, of course, to run, accordingly. Now, I will say, though, that a tankless water heater’s going to be more expensive than a tanked water heater that you have now …

    RONNY: Right.

    TOM: … but the advantage is efficiency is far superior and also longevity; they’re just going to last a lot longer. So you’ll spend a little bit more money now but you will, hopefully, save it in the long run; especially if you’re going to be in that house for quite a while.

    There you go. Ronny, thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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