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Tankless Water Heaters and Hard Water

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    LESLIE: Lori in Wyoming, welcome to The Money Pit.

    LORI: We’re building a new home out in the country and I’m wondering if well water is suitable for an on-demand water heater.

    TOM: Yes, I don’t see why not.

    LORI: Well, I wasn’t sure whether the sediment and the possible – you know, it’s pretty hard water. I was wondering if that was going to …

    TOM: You might need a filter system, but it’s a great, great technology because it gives you an unlimited supply of hot water. So I think it’s a great option for you ..

    LORI: Well, I appreciate that.

    TOM: … and there’s absolutely no reason that you can’t use it on well water.

    LORI: Alright. Is there any special maintenance, then, that you’d suggest that we do with it?

    TOM: No, there’s typical maintenance associated with it like there would be with any water heater. I’ll tell you a good website to check out; that’s SmarterHotWater.com. That’s the website for one of our sponsors which is Rheem and they make one of the best tankless water heaters out there and on that website you’ll find a lot of the technical information to see if they recommend any filters or special installation for well water. But to the best of my knowledge there’s absolutely nothing different about that and city water in terms of the installation.

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