Table of Contents: My Home, My Money Pit

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Introduction: Adventures in Home Improvement

Warming Up: Getting Ready For Home Improvements

SECTION 1: Inside Your Money Pit

Chapter 1: Designing Confidence

  • On The Walls: Solutions For Surfaces
  • Finding Your Way To Fabulous Flooring
  • Looking Up: Ceiling Solutions

Chapter 2: Cooking Up the Kitchen of Your Dreams Without Getting Burned

  • The Basics of Kitchen Space Planning
  • Kitchen Flooring: Begin At The Bottom, and Everything Starts Looking Up
  • Counters: High-tech Tops for Beauty, Convenience, and Safety
  • Cabinets: Put it Away
  • Plumbing: Solutions for Sinks
  • Lighting For Task and Effect
  • Appliances: Where Most Kitchen Remodels Begin

Chapter 3: Bathrooms

  • Facelifts: The Lighter Side of Bathroom Remodeling
  • Let There Be Light…Lots of It!
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Bathroom D

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