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Standing Water in Yard

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    LESLIE: Now we have a call from Lilly in Tennessee who has an unwanted pool in her yard.

    Lilly, tell us what the problem is.

    LILLY: The water comes down here. It comes across the road. It comes into the yard.

    TOM: Here’s what you need to do, Lilly. At the base of where the hill is coming into your house, where the water is collecting, what you can do is you can have installed there something called a curtain drain. What a curtain drain is is basically a trench but it’s not very deep; it’s about 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep. And then inside the curtain drain is installed a piece of perforated pipe and that perforated pipe needs to be run out to the lower side of the yard so it can drain water away. And then once the pipe is installed, it’s covered with stone and eventually with soil and with grass so it’s invisible. But how this works is the water runs down the hill, it falls into the curtain drain, it goes down the pipe and out the other end. And that’s the way to collect the water and stop it from pooling in your yard and being able to manage it and then dumping it out on the other side. You’ll notice that when you do that, your yard will be a lot less saturated and you’ll be able to maintain grass growth and everything else that you need to do. OK?

    Alright, Lilly. Thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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