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Soundproofing a Home Recording Studio

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    LESLIE: Ian in North Carolina is on the line and wants to build a recording studio. We might be able to help with that.

    IAN: It’s kind of a bucket-list project. I was given my grandmother’s old house and they built on an extension of the house and I’m trying to convert it into a semi-professional recording studio. And I’ve done a little research on this acoustic foam stuff but it’s ridiculously expensive. And I’m trying to figure out a different method to basically achieve the same effect.

    TOM: First of all, if you want to soundproof a room in a residential home, you have to use materials that are specifically designed to do that. Probably the least expensive way to do it is with a material called “soundproof drywall” or “sound-resistant drywall.” There are a couple of different brands that sell this product. But essentially, what you would do is you would put a second layer of drywall over the existing layer. And this new drywall has sound-resistant capabilities to it or qualities to it so it absorbs the sound and keeps it nice and quiet.

    Where the rubber meets the road with this is at the penetrations to the wall. So if there’s a light, an outlet or a switch, there are some very specific steps you have to take in those areas to soundproof them. And there’s a putty that has to be installed around it. It’s quite involved. But that’s the least expensive way to probably – to do this.

    Generally, when you have sound-resistant construction, you have kind of a wall inside of a wall so that the two walls are not touching each other.

    IAN: Like a floating?

    TOM: Yeah, kind of like floating. Like a non-bearing wall.

    IAN: Right, right. OK.

    TOM: But you could do that to the walls and the ceilings but then, what do you do about the floor?

    IAN: Right. OK.

    TOM: So, take a look at soundproof drywall and see if that kind of gets you closer to where you want to go on this, OK?

    IAN: That sounds great. Thank you so much.

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