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Shower Water Gets Cold When Other Faucets or Appliances In Use

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    LESLIE: Terry in Illinois is on the line with a water pressure sort of issue going on, because the shower is just not strong enough.  Tell us what’s going on, Terry.

    TERRY: I live in the country. My home is about 1,300 or 1,400 feet from my meter. And we have somewhat of a pressure problem. The biggest problem is the temperature that gets robbed when you’re in the shower or one of the faucets, if another faucet is turned on or if the washing machine starts up or whatever.

    TOM: And so you’re getting shower shock, right? You’re getting – the temperature in the water is changing, getting hot or cold and causing a domestic disturbance in the house?

    TERRY: Mostly when I’m in the shower.

    LESLIE: Of course.

    TOM: Alright. So, Terry, we have the technology; we have a solution. And it’s called a “pressure-balanced valve.” This is going to save your domestic tranquility. We’ll return it to its natural state of peace and calm.

    And here is how it works. Basically, a pressure-balance valve makes sure that the mix between the hot water and the cold water, once set, does not change regardless of what happens to the pressure on either side of the equation. So while the mix is locked in, you might find – you may find that the flow changes. You might get a little more water or a little less water, depending on what’s going on with other fixtures in the house but the mix won’t change. And because the mix doesn’t change, your temperature is steady.

    LESLIE: Your temperature is going to stay.

    TOM: Does that make sense?

    TERRY: Yes.

    TOM: So you want to replace that shower valve with one that’s called a “pressure-balanced valve” and that will solve that problem.

    TERRY: OK. Alright.

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