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Shower Door Buildup: Limescale?

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    LESLIE: Greg in Delaware, you’ve got The Money Pit. How can we help you today?

    GREG: I have a – I just moved into a house in Milford, Delaware. And I have a limescale buildup on my shower door from the previous owners. And I tried every chemical possible and it was ineffective. I’m wanting to know, what’s the best solution or the best tool I can use to get limescale buildup off a glass shower door?

    TOM: If it’s limescale for sure and CLR is not removing it, then I wonder if it’s something else. Because CLR is really effective at removing limescale buildup.

    Have you tried to test this deposit with some vinegar?

    GREG: No.

    TOM: Because if you put some white vinegar – saturate a sponge with white vinegar and wash across that what you’re calling a “lime deposit,” it will instantly melt it, if it really is lime. If it’s really calcium and lime, it will instantly melt it and then you can rinse it off.

    If it’s not, then I wonder if there’s something else that’s staining the door.

    GREG: Oh. What else could it be?

    TOM: Sometimes, depending on the types of cleaners that people have used in the past, they can actually scratch those doors. If you use something that was an abrasive cleaner to clean the shower door, you can put kind of like a fog across it that looks a little bit like a limescale buildup. But it’s really just the damage to the surface of the door.

    Do the vinegar test, Greg. See what happens and then let us know, OK?

    GREG: OK. I definitely will.

    TOM: Good luck. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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