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Should I Replace My Air Conditioning System?

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    LESLIE: Kurt in North Carolina is looking to replace an air-conditioning system. How can we help you with that?

    KURT: Yeah, I went out of town. My wife ran the air conditioner last summer and anyway, it had a leak in it. And I found the leak but I was wondering if – probably the compressor probably got damaged, because she ran it for a week. I’m pretty sure it overheated so I’m probably – would like to replace it and I’m wondering if there’s a – I’ve seen in magazines and on the internet these little units, basically, for a room or a garage. Would that be more economical? They say like 18 SEER and better?

    TOM: OK. So, a couple of things. First of all, because she ran it when it was low on refrigerant doesn’t necessarily mean that she damaged it, alright? As long as it’s been fixed, the hole has been repaired and there’s no further loss, I think it’s fine.

    Now, it is 18 years old. It’s probably not as efficient as the newer ones but I think what you’re talking about is a through-the-wall, split-ductless system. And a split-ductless system is good for specific areas of your house.

    I have one in an office. Leslie has one in a basement. They supplement the rest of our main, central air-conditioning systems. But for an entire house, you wouldn’t generally put split-ductless throughout the whole house, because you’d end up needing a half-a-dozen compressors outside.

    So, I think if you do get ready to replace it, you just replace the compressor. But just because it has a leak and it ran low doesn’t mean you have to replace it. Does that make sense, Kurt?

    KURT: OK. Would I actually have the Freon put in it to test it or …?

    TOM: Yeah, I would have it serviced. And I would have it serviced and see if it holds.

    KURT: OK. Alright. Well, I appreciate it.

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