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Sealing Grout

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    LESLIE: Tanya is up next with a grout question from Virginia. How can we help you?

    TANYA: Hi. We are remodeling a bathroom in our new – well, not new; new to us – home.
    TOM: OK.
    TANYA: And we have tiled the entire wall area of the shower and then the bottom half of the rest of the bathroom.
    TOM: That’s a big project.
    TANYA: It is. And we’ve done really well with it and it’s grouted and we’re trying to figure out what type of sealer to put on that grout.
    TOM: OK. Yeah, you want to use a silicon-based sealer.
    TANYA: OK.
    TOM: OK?
    LESLIE: And there’s a lot of great applicators out there to help you get it on to just the grout area. There’s some that looks like a little nail polish bottle with a brush actually built right in. There are some that have like a spongy wheel. Pick whichever one you feel comfortable with and which helps the sealer to flow properly from it.
    TANYA: OK.
    LESLIE: And once you do that, you will be so happy because your grout will actually stay clean.
    TANYA: Mm-hmm. OK. Well, thank you.
    TOM: You’re welcome, Tanya, and good luck with that project. It sounds like you guys have done a lot of work there and this is the final step. We’re happy to help you out with it.
    TANYA: Thank you so much.

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