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    LESLIE: Talking ceiling repair with Doreen in the Bronx. How can we help?

    DOREEN: Well, I had a leaky ceiling. What happened was I had a – my washing machine had overflowed. It’s upstairs – my washer.


    DOREEN: And it had overflowed and it came down through the floor and into the ceiling in the living room downstairs. I did fix it; I got some of that tape – that joint tape and I got it fixed but what I forgot to do was sand it and now it’s like really uneven. It’s like …

    TOM: Yeah.

    DOREEN: Is there a clean, neat way to get that done without all the powder going everywhere?

    TOM: There is a machine that you could rent that basically sands drywall; it has a vacuum attachment to it.

    DOREEN: Oh.

    TOM: But if you don’t have that, you may be able to kind of do this as a two-hand. What I would do is I would take a block of wood and wrap sandpaper around it so you have a flat surface to work on and then with a vacuum hose in one hand and the sander in the other, you can try to minimize the dust that way.

    LESLIE: Just make sure you wear a dust mask because you – and safety goggles and a hair net, for that matter …

    DOREEN: Right.

    LESLIE: … because you don’t want this dust getting everywhere.

    TOM: And by the way, while we’re talking about it, I think it’s USG just came out with a reduced-dust spackle and it was pretty cool because I saw a demo of it and it was not nearly as flaky as the traditional spackle mix. So I think the manufacturers are getting smart on that and if you’re doing a big project, then that’s something you could look into.

    DOREEN: Well, that’s a little late for me now but … (Leslie and Tom chuckle)

    TOM: Yes, it is. But for those that are just tackling those jobs now.

    DOREEN: At the rental – the equipment rental place and see if they got that sander with the vacuum attached.

    TOM: Yeah, that might be the way to go.

    DOREEN: Alright. Well, thank you guys very much. And I just started listening to your show and I’m really learning a lot of stuff, so thank you for that, too.

    TOM: Well, thank you so much. Good luck with that home improvement project. Thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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