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Rusty Wall Screw: Too Much Moisture at Home?

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    LESLIE:  Moisture management is on Jim’s mind in Mississippi.  How can we help?

    JIM:  My question was we pulled some drapes out of the wall and the screw, when it came out, had rust on it.  So it led me to believe that there was moisture in between the walls.  And I was wondering how I would be able to get rid of the moisture or find out where the leak would be coming from.

    TOM:  Maybe, maybe not.  I don’t necessarily believe that you have a moisture problem in your walls just because you pulled out one rusty screw.  There could be a lot of humidity in the house …

    LESLIE:  Mm-hmm.

    TOM:  … to cause that.  Especially in Mississippi.

    JIM:  OK.

    TOM:  So I wouldn’t go searching for it just based on pulling one screw out.  Was it a really long screw?  Was it in the middle of the wall?  I mean …

    JIM:  It – of course the original walls were wood.  And then they were sheetrocked over.  And we had installed the drapes when we moved in and we were moving the drapes and when we pulled it out the screw had rust on it.  And I didn’t know if I was going to need to actually go into the wall to figure that out or not.

    TOM:  Yeah, I can see how living in Mississippi that you need to watch every source of moisture because you never know when it’s going to sneak up on you.

    LESLIE:  And it’s most likely just condensation from using your air conditioning.

    JIM:  OK.

    TOM:  Yeah, it’s probably just condensation, Jim.  I wouldn’t get too worried about that.

    JIM:  Well, thank you so much because there is an air conditioning vent right up under the window.

    TOM:  Well, there you go.

    LESLIE:  Oh, that’s totally what it is.  (Jim chuckles)

    TOM:  Yeah, Leslie’s psychic, Jim.  She knew that. 

    JIM:  Oh, very good.  Thank you so much.

    TOM:  Either that or she’s been – either that or she’s been stalking you. (Tom and Jim chuckle)

    LESLIE:  And the new drapes look fantastic, Jim.  I love where you put them.

    TOM:  Yeah, and by the way.  (chuckling)

    JIM:  Thank you so much.  (Leslie chuckles) Thank you so much.

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