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Roofing Options for a Flat or Low-Slope Roof

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    LESLIE: Heading over to New Hampshire to chat with Richard about roofing. Let’s talk.

    RICHARD: Living in the northeast, my roof is really flat; not totally flat but I’m thinking of doing a metal roof and I was wondering what your opinion was on that.

    TOM: Think metal roofs are fantastic. They’re very durable but they’re very expensive. And they’re called investment-grade roofings because they do, literally, last a lifetime.

    LESLIE: And they’re really beautiful and it doesn’t always have to look like a standing theme. You can get one that looks like Spanish terracotta tiles. You can get one that looks like slate. They are pricy but they’re considered environmentally friendly because, depending on your roofing material that you have, if you were to go with a new material you might have to remove what’s existing; with a metal roof, because they’re so lightweight, you can leave what’s on your roof and then just go on top of it so you’re not sending all of that other material to the landfill.

    RICHARD: Yes. So is there any other alternative?

    TOM: There are a lot of alternatives. If it’s a low-slope roof – not totally flat but just a low-slope roof – there are a number of low-slope-roof materials that are available. They are available in some products that are like a combination of rubber and asphalt together. There are heat-down or heat-sealed roofs where basically it’s like a rubbery roof that’s heat-sealed together. So there are lots of different options, besides the metal roof, that will stand up in this situation.

    RICHARD: Well, I appreciate it very much.

    TOM: You’re welcome, Richard. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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