Reviews for My Home My Money Pit

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Here’s what people are saying about My Home, My Money Pit:

“If you need an extra set of hands, and who doesn’t, Tom and Leslie are the perfect partners for your next home improvement project. Reach for this book first and save yourself a lot of headaches.”
-Kevin O’Connor, host of This Old House

“Good advice about home improvement isn’t usually this much fun to read.”
-Kevin Ireton, editor of Fine Homebuilding

“Comprehensive and informative, Tom and Leslie keep the reader focused on what’s practical and smart about their own home improvements. Get this book before you get do-it-yourself fever!”
-Bob Vila, television personality, author, and home improvement authority

“Leslie and Tom ‘hit the nail on the head’ with My Home, My Money Pit. Every homeowner should have a copy of this book. From storage solutions to plumbing problems, this book is a guide to it all.”
-Bill Rancic, winner of The Apprentice

“My Home, My Money Pit successfully converts the limitless expertise that Tom and Leslie offer their listeners each week into an entertaining and informative book that the typical homeowner should always keep close at hand — perhaps on a shelf that the book will help you build and hang on a wall.”
-Alan Heavens, Home Improvement & Real Estate Editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer

“Tom and Leslie have put together a really useful, easy-to-read guide that

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