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Replace an Old Bathtub with a Walk-in Tub

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    LESLIE: Time to jump in the tub with Patricia from Rhode Island. What’s going on? How can we help?

    PATRICIA: Well, I have a plight about my tub.

    LESLIE: Alright.

    PATRICIA: I don’t know which way to go. You know, the tub is an old – is in good shape, except, you know, it’s not in good shape. I mean it’s kind of pitted and you know. And I didn’t know whether to have it reglazed or to put in a tub liner.

    TOM: Well, that’s a tough choice because, you know, neither of them would be our favorite. Our preference would be a complete replacement because if you glaze it it’s not going to last nearly as long as the original tub and if you use a liner it’s real expensive ..

    LESLIE: And it ..

    TOM: … but it takes up some tub space.

    LESLIE: Yeah, it makes the tub smaller.

    TOM: Yeah.

    PATRICIA: Oh, it does?

    LESLIE: But it’s done in a day. Yeah, because of course it’s got to sit inside the existing tub and then cover over your existing wall so it’s going to shrink a bit to accommodate, you know, fitting into things.

    PATRICIA: And then, you know, I didn’t – I just saw there yesterday where they have these bathtubs that they come and they’ve got a door around them.

    LESLIE: Oh, yeah. Those are fantastic; especially if you’re concerned about access or climbing into the tub or maybe you’ve got some upper body strength issues where, you know, helping yourself up or in and out of the tub is kind of difficult. These tubs with the doors, they’re much higher on the side; they’ve got built-in seating so you open the door, you climb on in, you sit down, you close the door, seal it all off. It automatically makes it watertight. Then you go ahead and fill the tub up while you’re in there. I mean they’re fantastic because you get a nice, deep soak and also, you know, for an access issue if you’re concerned about, you know, being in the home for a couple of years it’s tremendously helpful.

    PATRICIA: OK, so you don’t really recommend reglazing.

    TOM: You know, it’s not my favorite thing to do, Patricia, because it doesn’t last that long. I mean you’re going to get a few years out of it. It’ll certainly look better than it does right now. But it’s not as tough as the glaze that was originally on the tub. You follow me?

    PATRICIA: OK. And so it’s better to either replace it with that – you know, trying to find about that tub where you can walk into the door or they may – they have the alternative of taking the tub out and putting in like a shower.

    TOM: Of course. Yeah, those are always options.

    Hey, Patricia, I tell you what we’re going to do for you. It sounds to us like you’re probably going to need some contractors to help with this. So we’re going to give you, for calling in today, a Money Pit membership in the American Homeowners Association. That’s worth about 120 bucks and with this membership you’ll be able to use it to find discounts on all types of home improvement products and services as well as discounts on groceries and vision and insurance and legal things and all kinds of stuff to help you in that house. And hopefully with that on your side you’ll be able to find the perfect contractor to get this job done for you.

    PATRICIA: Oh, well terrific. I appreciate that.

    TOM: You’re very welcome.

    LESLIE: And you know what? Patricia, when you’re doing some research the tub you’re talking about is called a soaker tub or a walk-in tub. So just do some research on line or in your local papers and you’ll be able to find one no problem.

    PATRICIA: OK. I wondered about that; whether that would be a better option.

    TOM: It’s a great option for you, Patricia. Stand by. We’re going to get some information and we’ll send that Money Pit membership out to you. 

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