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    LESLIE: Jean in Georgia, welcome to The Money Pit. What can we do for you today?

    JEAN: I have a cinder block, concrete blocks on my foundation and they’ve been painted and the mortar is falling out.
    TOM: Hmm. OK.
    JEAN: What can I use to refill those cracks and to paint it in the future?
    TOM: Well, all of the loose mortar should be pulled out and it has to be repointed. There’s mortar mix that I would purchase to do that. You may want to use a mortar mix that has some patching compound qualities to it. It might be one of the epoxy mixes. It’ll be a little stickier than a traditional mortar mix but that’s available, you know, at home centers and hardware stores.
    A good website for more information on the available products is Quikrete – Q-U-I-K-R-E-T-E. They have a guide there on that website to all sorts of masonry repair projects; this being one of them.

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