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Repair a Lawn Damaged By Snow Plow

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    LESLIE: June in Nebraska’s next who finds The Money Pit on KCNI. And this is an interesting question. June says husband gouged too deep with the snow plow in the yard and wants to know if plants and grass will come back.

    So June, is this a he-said/she-said debate? What’s going on?

    JUNE: Well, yeah. I don’t know if I need to replant or if it’s going to come back.

    TOM: Did he hit the bedrock?

    JUNE: (laughing) Well, about.

    TOM: (chuckling) Alright.

    JUNE: It was just … you know, he was moving snow and he didn’t realize, you know, how deep he was going …

    TOM: Right.

    JUNE: … and boy, he moved all the bluegrass off. (laughing)

    TOM: Oh, boy. Well, listen, you’ve got to just regrade that area. I would start with fill dirt. You don’t need to use top soil to, you know, the depths of this hole. Build it up with fill dirt and leave yourself about four to six inches for top soil and then go ahead and reseed it, tamp that area.

    There’s a self-repairing grass seed, which is made by Vigoro, that might be very handy for a repair like this. The grass seeds that are designed for repairs tend to grow very quickly and fill in very nicely. And the time to do this might not be right now because the heat of the summer is a hard time to do it. But wait until it gets cooler in the fall and, this way, the seeds have a time for the roots to grow and get some length in them before the heat happens in the following summer.

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