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Refinishing an Entry Door

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    LESLIE: Bob in California listens to The Money Pit on KVML. What are you working on?

    BOB: I’ve got a front door that’s a very nicely finished door – at least it was when it was new – and the door frame and a couple of lights beside the door. And they have …

    TOM: Is it a wood door, Bob?

    BOB: A wooden door.

    TOM: OK.

    BOB: The sunlight has just destroyed it. I mean it is … the finish is peeled and I don’t know if there’s anything out there that has enough UV resistance to …

    LESLIE: There is, actually. Are you looking for a painted look or a stained look?

    BOB: Oh, I’d like a stained look. I’d like a finished look.

    LESLIE: There is actually something from a company called Flood and they’re sold at The Home Depot. And they make a UV-resistant stain and it just came out in nine designer colors; actually, just recently. And what it does is it has a UV resistance in it which helps it to maintain it’s moisture, to not warp and rot and peel and bubble. So it really does a good job at maintaining that look on that wood.

    But if you have anything on there already, you want to make sure you strip it down, get it to a clean surface, allow that to dry really well and then you can apply their UV stain on top of it. And it should do you a good … probably about five years or more on a vertical surface; as far as, you know, a lastability.

    TOM: And the other thing that you can do, Bob, after you get the stain on there is to apply a clear finish. And I’ve found that marine varnish has the best UV resistance because it’s used on wood boats very often. You can pick that up at any marine supply store. So combining a good UV resistant stain and a UV resistant varnish is going to solve that problem.

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