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Refinish a Stained Acrylic Bathtub

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    LESLIE: Jim in Texas has a question. What can we do for you?

    JIM: My daughter – my 12-year-old daughter – thought she was helping her mother and I have an acrylic bathtub. And I don’t know what cleaning agent she used, but it’s left a stain around the tub. You can …

    TOM: Oh, boy.

    JIM: … (inaudible) actual run marks where she sprayed it in the tub.

    TOM: (chuckling) OK.

    JIM: It may have been something that might have contained orange oil. It has like an orangish tint to it.

    TOM: Hmm.

    JIM: And I’m afraid to use anything that’s too abrasive on an acrylic tub.

    TOM: Yeah, you almost need a resurfacing material for that, Jim.

    LESLIE: Yeah, that’s right, Tom.

    You know, Jim, depending on what type of chemical your daughter used, it’s very possible that the chemical attacked the structural integrity of the acrylic of the tub. And now you’re seeing maybe a scratch or some sort of chip or even just a discoloration. And what you could try to use to restore it is a liquid polisher; you know, something like Gel Gloss. And if you’re finding that you have deep scratches that are in the acrylic, use a very, very fine sandpaper – I mean 600 grit or higher – and then you can refinish it with a liquid polish. And that should help.

    JIM: OK, that’s fine. Hey, I appreciate your help. This stain has been annoying and my wife (laughter) was a little afraid to tell me who did it. You know? (laughter)

    TOM: Well, you know, at least she’s trying, you know?

    LESLIE: That’s the most expensive chore you’ll ever give your child.

    TOM: Jim, thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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