Reduce Dust With an Electronic Air Cleaner

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    LESLIE: Well, apparently our next caller, who is Solomon in Virginia, has a lot of dust in the house. (Tom chuckles) So what is going on?

    SOLOMON: Hello. How are you?
    LESLIE: Great. How can we help you with your dusty house?
    SOLOMON: Well, I don’t know. I have a house that seems to manufacture dust … (Leslie chuckles)
    TOM: OK.
    SOLOMON: … and I haven’t quite figured out why. Just wondering, any suggestions?
    TOM: Do you have kids?
    SOLOMON: No. I have pets.
    TOM: Well, that could be part of the problem. Pets do generate a lot of dust. You have a forced-air heating system? Heating and cooling system?
    SOLOMON: Yes.
    TOM: Alright. What kind of filtration system do you have on it, Solomon?
    SOLOMON: I’m not sure what you mean.
    TOM: A filter.
    SOLOMON: It’s got the filters on the furnace itself.
    TOM: Yeah. Is it like the disposable, one-inch thick, fiberglass filters?
    SOLOMON: Yes, yes, yes.
    TOM: Yeah, we call those rock-stoppers because that’s about the only thing it stops. You need a more efficient filtration system for your heating and cooling system. What we would recommend is something called an electronic air cleaner. These are about 50 times more efficient than the filters you have on right now and you will see a measurable difference in the amount of dust that is getting out into your house if you put a good filter on.
    SOLOMON: OK. And where do I get this?
    TOM: It’s something that has to be professionally installed and probably two of the top brands are Aprilaire or Trane. So contact your local heating and cooling contractor and see about having one of the two of those installed onto your system and I think you’ll see a huge difference. And think about all the hours you’ll save cleaning your house. (Leslie chuckles)
    SOLOMON: OK. Thank you very much.
    TOM: You’re welcome, Solomon. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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