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Protecting a Screened-In Porch From Wind

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    LESLIE: Phyllis in Ohio, you’ve got The Money Pit. How can we help you today?

    PHYLLIS: I have a small porch. And in the wintertime, especially, the wind comes ferociously from the northwest. And I was wondering – I was going to get a good grade of plastic. Should it be put on the outside or the inside of the screen.

    LESLIE: Plastic to protect from the wind?

    PHYLLIS: So the wind doesn’t blow into my front door. And I had the trellis put up so

    TOM: Do you have a storm door on your front door?

    PHYLLIS: Yes. But it still comes through.

    TOM: The porch has a roof, right? So it’s not just a deck?

    PHYLLIS: Right. It’s got the – it’s got a roof, uh-huh.

    TOM: So you kind of want to enclose your porch, so to speak, with this plastic sheeting, is what you’re suggesting.

    PHYLLIS: On that one spot, yes, where the – it’s right there as I go in and out the door.

    TOM: Alright. Well, it – probably not going to be that attractive but I guess what I would do is put it on the outside. Because this way, as the wind blows against it, it’ll press against the screen and it will be less likely to tear. If you put it on the inside, the wind’s going to go through it and it will constantly pull itself off. 


    TOM: So I think it’ll be securer if you put it on the outside.  However, a sliding glass porch enclosure is a better, long-term solution for keeping wind out of that space. 

    PHYLLIS: OK. Fine. Thank you.

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