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Prevent Hard Water Stains in Your Toilet

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    LESLIE: Mary in Maryland needs some help with a cleaning project. What can we do for you today?

    MARY: First I have the state-of-the-art water system. I live in the country and have country water, well water, and we switched water systems a couple years ago and we were without a system for several months. And I notice for this system, I keep getting a ring around the toilet water line and then where the water flows down the toilets, you get stream lines going down on both of my toilets and I have tried everything to get those lines out. I can’t get them out.

    LESLIE: Have you tried a product called CLR which is for calcium-lime-rust? That really tends to do the trick with all sorts of mineral deposit-y, line-y issues.

    MARY: I tried that when I originally first had the problem. It was like putting water in my toilet.

    LESLIE: Hmm.

    MARY: It did absolutely nothing.

    TOM: Do you have hard water?

    MARY: I don’t know – I guess I might have hard water. Like I say, I’ve got a water system that uses lots of salt.

    TOM: Oh, yes. You’ve got really hard water. Well, there’s a product out there that’s called EasyWater and it’s made by the Freije company and this is a water system that works a little bit different than the salt-based systems. Essentially, what it does is it puts an electrical charge into the water so that the hard-water particles no longer stick together and they don’t stick to fixtures, they don’t stick to anything. It’s very easy to install. It’s a lot less expensive than the water softening system that you have right now. It basically goes where the water comes into the house. There’s an electrical coil that wraps around the main water pipe and it’s plugged in and runs 24/7 to soften the water by forcing the hard-water particles to be charged and not stick together. I think if you switched to a system like that you would not have as much of an issue. Obviously you’ve got a real bad problem with hard water in this part of the country that you’re in and that’s why you’re having so many staining issues.

    MARY: And who makes this did you say?

    TOM: Go to EasyWater.com – E-a-s-y-W-a-t-e-r – EasyWater.com. It’s the Freije company and they’ve actually made these systems for manufacturers that have equipment that malfunctions all the time because of hard water and it’s been proven in the commercial field and now it’s really starting to grab on in the residential field as well.

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