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Polishing a Fiberglass Garden Tub

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    Phil in Florida’s got a problem in the bath. What’s going on?

    PHIL: I do have a garden tub that’s fiberglass and I was wondering what could I use to bring the shine out. I’ve tried all kinds of products, you know, from Dow and Lysol and stuff like that and I was wondering if like a marine boat polish, if that would work.

    TOM: Well, it certainly would work. Something else less dramatic, you may just want to approach the same way that you might polish a car. If you’ve got any fine scratches in those you could correct those with a rubbing compound, the same kinds of products that you use to get the scratches out of your car, and then you could polish the sides of the tub – but not the bottom, for obvious reasons – with car wax.

    PHIL: Right.

    TOM: And if you do that on a regular basis that will certainly restore the shine. Now, a trip to the boat store, living down there in Florida, is not a bad idea because fiberglass boats have the same…

    LESLIE: Well, boats are fiberglass.

    TOM: … types of issues and you may be able to find a gel-coat product or something of that nature that would also restore that shine.

    PHIL: Oh, super. Alright, well thank very much and I enjoy your show.

    LESLIE: Thanks.

    TOM: You’re welcome, Phil. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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