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Painting Your Countertop?

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    LESLIE: Delores in South Carolina needs some help with a countertop. What can we do for you today?

    DELORES: My question to you is I have a kitchen countertop that’s a Formica white …
    TOM: OK.
    DELORES: … and it has several stains in it which I can’t get out. I’ve tried white vinegar, bleach, whatever. I can’t get it out. And I was just wondering, do they have anything on the market that would be a durable type of paint that I could paint for Formica countertops?
    TOM: Yeah, actually the answer to this question, up til very recently, was no. But there’s a new product out called Giani Granite and it’s a paint. It’s spelled G-i-a-n-i Granite and their website is GianiGranite.com. It only is available in two colors – there’s a light color and a dark color – but you can actually paint …
    LESLIE: But you can sort of adjust it.
    TOM: Yeah, you can actually paint a laminate countertop with it and will come out sort of looking like a granite finish and it’s pretty nice. It’s reasonably durable, not terribly expensive and I think it’s a great solution for this exact situation.
    LESLIE: And you know what? It’s a great do-it-yourself project, Delores. There’s sort of different color paints that they give you. There’s like a black-tone granite and then sort of like a creamy-tone granite. The creamy tone has flecks of like a white, a black and a gray. And of course, depending on how much you sort of dabble or sponge-paint onto the base color, it controls the darkness and depth of the granite look that you’re going to get. I would definitely practice on a piece of scrap Formica just to work out your technique and get to a place where you like before you dive right onto your countertop. I have to say, just from looking at the two in person, I sort of enjoyed the lighter-tone one better but it’s …
    DELORES: That’s what I would get; the lighter tone.
    LESLIE: It’s a great option.
    DELORES: Do you know where I could get that or can I just go on the internet and get that?
    TOM: Yeah, I would just go online; the website, again, GianiGranite.com and I believe you can order it right there.
    DELORES: (inaudible at 0:21:46.5) I really appreciate this. (chuckles)
    TOM: You’re very welcome. Thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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