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Painting Wood Paneling

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    LESLIE: Well, Frank in Maryland is looking for a time machine because you want to get away from that wood paneling, my friend. Is that true?

    FRANK: Yeah, I’ve got some dark wood paneling that I’m wondering if I can paint?

    LESLIE: Well, do you like the stripy look?

    FRANK: Yeah, the stripes fine. It’s just a very dark paneling. My wife has decided she wants to brighten up the room.

    LESLIE: Well, it’s easy to do. First you want to make sure that it’s … it’s clean. You want to make sure that there’s not a lot of buildup of grease or dirt; so do your best to sort of wash it down, wipe it down. Because cleaning really will make sure that paint adheres very well. Then you want to prime the heck out of it. Prime it, prime it, prime it; because this will make sure that the paint really sticks well to the primer. And then you can go ahead and paint it any color you’d like. And it’s interesting because you already have the striping effect from the wood paneling. So if you wanted to introduce … add highlight of a different color here and there, you could do a striping because it’s already built in for you; you don’t even have to tape it up.

    FRANK: Right. Now do I need to use an oil-base or can I do a latex paint over the paneling?

    LESLIE: No, you can do a latex paint. You can use a latex primer and that will give you a good adhesion.

    FRANK: Okay. Sounds good. I appreciate it.

    LESLIE: Okay? Enjoy that new room.

    FRANK: Thank you.

    TOM: Frank, thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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