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Painting a Recreational Vehicle

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    JEAN: I have a recreational vehicle and it’s like a large trailer that I use for a summer cottage.

    TOM: OK.

    JEAN: And I have two issues with it; one is that the wall – the walls within the unit – the wallboard has what appears to be like a plasticized coating on it. And I wanted to paint that. So I was wondering, first of all, what I would need to do to prepare that in order to receive the paint.

    TOM: Now what kind of walls are in this RV cottage that you have, Jean? Are they metal? Are they drywall? What is the surface?

    JEAN: They’re like a sheetrock.

    TOM: OK. Alright. Then what you want to do to paint these is you want to prime them first; and because we’re not quite sure what the surface is, we would recommend an oil-based primer and this is going to seal the entire surface and it’s going to make the topcoat flow nicely and look great and, most importantly, it’ll make sure it sticks. And then I would use a good-quality paint after that. You want to use a better-quality paint. Don’t buy cheap paint because it doesn’t have as much titanium dioxide in it and, as a result, it’s not going to stick. You want a good-quality paint.

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