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Paint a Mural on Your Concrete Patio

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    LESLIE: Elaine in New Jersey needs some help with a patio project. What can we do for you today?

    ELAINE: Hi, my name’s Elaine. I have a concrete flat patio in the back of my house that I want to paint a big picture of sunflowers on.

    LESLIE: Beautiful.

    ELAINE: However, the concrete needs preparing before I do it. It’s got some old paint stuck to it where I had put paint on it before and a lot of it’s worn off but there’s still a lot that’s down into the crevices and I don’t know how to get that out without using acid.

    TOM: Well, is the old paint loose and peely or is it fairly well adhered?

    ELAINE: It’s pretty well adhered.

    TOM: Yeah, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I would get all the loose stuff off I can and then I would prime right over that.

    LESLIE: This is a good opportunity for you to repair any cracks with a flowable urethane or a silicone caulk just to give you a nice, smooth, even surface.


    LESLIE: Then go ahead and prime the entire surface of the patio …

    TOM: And I’d use an oil-based primer, too.

    LESLIE: … to really adhere.

    ELAINE: Oh, really?

    TOM and LESLIE: Mm-hmm.

    ELAINE: I have some paint that I bought that’s – what do they – it’s an epoxy-based paint; like porch …

    TOM: Well that’s probably OK as well.

    LESLIE: Yeah, but the epoxy-based paint, don’t you think that’s going to give it sort of – especially if you’re using that as a base, won’t it give it some sort of like a sheen almost to it that might not have the topcoat or the decorative layer of the paint stick?

    TOM: Well, and the other, too, is if you stay with the same line of paint – say you choose the same brand of primer and then topcoat – it’s more likely to stick well together.

    ELAINE: Mm-hmm, OK.

    TOM: So I don’t know how well the traditional paints – you know, water-based paints – are going to adhere to the epoxy as the base because the epoxy is not designed to be a primer. The epoxy is designed to be a topcoat. And you want to paint over that with something that’s going to enable you to paint those flowers on it.

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