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Natural Weed Control

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    LESLIE: Our next caller takes us to Oregon where Mike has a question about an overgrowing of weeds.

    What’s going on, Mike?

    MIKE: Well, I’ve got an easement on my property that I’m supposed to keep clear because it has access to the sewer and phone and cable and all that stuff. And weeds are just growing like crazy. And I’ve got to do – I need a permanent solution to basically keep that whole end of the property clear.

    TOM: So concreting it in would sort of defeat the purpose of the easement, huh? (chuckles)

    MIKE: Yeah, I don’t think that would be a good idea.

    TOM: How about Roundup? Have you used that?

    MIKE: It comes right back, though. I mean this stuff, it doesn’t go away.

    TOM: Even if you use Roundup it comes back?

    MIKE: Oh, yeah.

    TOM: Oh, boy, those are …

    LESLIE: Have you tried that …?

    MIKE: And actually, I should also mention I prefer not to use stuff like that and I don’t near the creek because I do live on a creek.

    LESLIE: Have you tried that black fabric that’s called weed blocker? Generally, if you’re going to be putting down any sort of stone work or anything that you don’t want grass or weeds to grow up through, you would put this black fabric that you can find at your home center underneath whatever it is that you’re going to be covering it up with so that nothing can go through it. And it’s just a black, meshy fabric.

    MIKE: I’ve seen that stuff but what do I put on top of it?

    LESLIE: Well, you can put stone around it to contain it, to hold it down, to make like a pretty, little area just to sort of hide it.

    MIKE: Mm-hmm. Yeah, because black fabric looks kind of ugly.

    LESLIE: Right. And plus it would blow away. But you could put some slate or some interesting pond rocks or something that you might even have in your creek.

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