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Moss in Yard: Killing It

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    LESLIE: Now we’ve got Steven in Georgia on the line who needs some help around the yard. What can we do for you?

    STEVEN: I have moss growing on the side of my – not on the house. On the yard on the side. And it’s starting to creep into my back portion of my yard where I have a pool and Bermuda grass. So I’m trying to kill the moss.

    TOM: OK. So if the moss is in – is it – what is it growing on? Is it growing in the dirt or is it growing on the siding? What’s it growing on?

    STEVEN: Oh, no, no. It’s just on the dirt. There’s hardly any sun on that side so – no, like I said, it’s just around the dirt. There’s not much topsoil. A lot of – it’s rocky soil.

    TOM: So, a couple of ways to go. You could use Roundup on it. But if you use Roundup, whatever Roundup – whatever the Roundup gets on is going to die, OK? So you have to be careful, because you don’t want to overspray it. If it’s in strategic areas, one of the tricks of the trade is you could take a gallon milk jug, cut out the bottom of it; use it kind of like a backwards funnel. You cover the area of moss that you want to hit and then you spray the Roundup into it and it contains the overspray.

    The other thing that you could do is there’s a product called Wet & Forget that’s specifically designed to kill moss and algae and fungus and that sort of thing. That takes longer but it works just as well and it doesn’t harm the grass. Wet & Forget. That’s their website: WetAndForget.com. And it also works well on sidewalks and siding and the roof and that sort of thing.

    STEVEN: Alright. Thank you.

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