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    LESLIE: Maryanne calling in from New York is dealing with a situation on the pavers. What’s going on?

    MARYANNE: A lot of moss growing on the bricks and in between them.
    TOM: OK, moss?
    MARYANNE: Moss.
    TOM: Alright.
    LESLIE: Well, that’s not a terrible thing.
    TOM: No, it’s not.
    LESLIE: I mean it’s not a difficult problem. It’s something that can be handled very easily and once we’ve gotten rid of the moss, what you want to do – Tom, would you use Roundup or would you use bleach and water, at this point, if it’s a heavy moss?
    TOM: I would probably use bleach and water on the moss because Roundup is going to be good for plants; you know, like grass and weeds that are coming up through it. But with moss, I’d probably use a bleach and water solution and I would get rid of all the moss. And then, those gaps between the brick, I would fill them with sand and there’s a polymer-based sand that QUIKRETE makes that will sort of …
    LESLIE: It’s called JOINT-LOCK.
    TOM: Yeah, it’ll sort of set in place and lock in place. And that actually plugs those gaps and stops weeds from growing up through them.
    LESLIE: Mm-hmm. You can get it at pretty much any home center but I would start with QUIKRETE’s website and look at the product called JOINT-LOCK and then see where you can find it but I’m sure you can get it anywhere. And you want to sweep it into all of the joints between your brick pavers on your walkway and then you hose it down and what happens is the water sort of activates the polymer in the sand and it becomes almost like a caulk, if you will. It sort of goops together and fills in the gaps. Nothing can grow through it. But then, if you ever have an issue where you need to pick up one of those bricks, you can easily sort of rock it back and forth and pull that brick out.
    TOM: Maryanne, thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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