Stay at Home

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    Stay at Home

    TOM: If you love where you live, build in many more years of enjoyment with improvements that help you stay at home. Hi, I’m Tom Kraeutler.

    LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete with today’s Money Pit Home Improvement Minute.

    TOM: If your heart is truly in your present home, make improvements to make sure the love continues as your mobility and abilities change. Start with an entry door that’s at least 32 inches wide. It’ll accommodate a wheelchair and provide convenient space for entering or exiting your home.

    LESLIE: Stay in step by minimizing level changes at every threshold. No step entries prevent tripping and welcome guests of all abilities.

    TOM: You can also get a better grip on home access by exchanging traditional doorknobs for lever style handles.

    LESLIE: These simple, affordable fixes make any home more functional and easy to use. They’re valentines to your future and a long lasting love of your ability to stay at home. I’m Leslie Segrete.

    TOM: And I’m Tom Kraeutler. For more Money Pit Home Improvement Tips, visit

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