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    TOM: All that stands between you and clean efficient warmth this winter is a fresh furnace filter. Hi, I’m Tom Kraeutler.

    LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete with today’s Money Pit Home Improvement Minute.

    TOM: No matter how cleanly your furnace runs, a dirty filter can keep dust and allergens in play and reduce furnace efficiency. So, if you want to breathe easy and sneeze less this winter, it’s important to change that filter on a regular basis.

    LESLIE: Replace standard filters monthly during the heating season and switch to high-efficiency particulate air filters, also known as HEPA filters, which capture a much higher percentage of the mold spores and dust mites that travel through your heating system.

    TOM: Changing the furnace filter is simple. It’s located either in the main return duct or inside the furnace near the blower.

    LESLIE: Simply pop in a new filter, making sure that the arrow indicating air flow is pointing toward the blower. I’m Leslie Segrete.

    TOM: And I’m Tom Kraeutler. For more Money Pit Home Improvement tips, visit moneypit.com.


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