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Mold in Closets

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    LESLIE: Kinea in California is dealing with some mold issues. Tell us about the problem.

    KINEA: Well, in my closet – in my master bedroom closet in the middle of the wall I noticed a small spot maybe about two inches wide and long. And I’m just wondering what could I do to get rid of it.
    TOM: Well, that’s a very common condition because in master bedroom closets you don’t have a lot of airflow in there and sometimes you’ll get mold that’ll start there. And what you should do, Kinea, is you should pull out all your clothes that are in that closet and you should spray that with a bleach and water solution.
    KINEA: OK.
    TOM: And then after it dries for a few minutes, then you can go ahead and wipe it off.
    Now, if you want to stop it from coming back you might want to think about getting a little more air into that closet space. That could happen if you were to undercut the closet door just so there was a little bit bigger gap underneath it so it would move some air through.
    KINEA: Oh, OK.
    LESLIE: Or you can put in a louvered door or some sort of fabric door for your closet, but you have to get air in there.
    KINEA: Mm-hmm. OK, well thank you very much.

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