Mitsubishi Electric Residential Cooling and Heating Systems Customize Summer Comfort

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    Summary: Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit demos Mitsubishi Electric’s residential cooling and heating systems, which provide energy-efficient comfort to specific rooms or a whole house, all without ductwork.

    TOM: Hi, I’m Tom Kraeutler from the Money Pit here to talk to you about the Mitsubishi Electric Residential Cooling and Heating systems. These can provide energy-efficient comfort to specific rooms or a whole house, all without ductwork.

    These compact cooling systems are 35% more energy efficient than central AC systems and they’re 40% more energy efficient than window units. That means big energy savings during the hottest days of the summer. Many models are also Energy Star-qualified.

    Now, what makes a Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling unit so efficient is their compressor or motor, which operates much like a car’s cruise control. Instead of continuously turning on and off to maintain temperature like other systems do, Mitsubishi Electric systems ramp up quickly to reach the desired temperature and then they make small adjustments to keep it steady.

    Now, each room includes individual temperature controls so you cool only the spaces you’re using and you save on overall energy cost, because the system requires no ductwork, installation is fast, and there’s no messy demolition to hassle with.

    Mitsubishi Electric cooling units are ideal for spaces that traditional AC systems can’t accommodate, such as a new addition or to a home or rooms in an old house that have no ductwork. They’ve got long life allergen filters and a whisper-quiet level for the sound. They are available with a variety of easy-to-use control options like portable central controllers or even a remote monitoring system via your smartphone or your tablet.

    Units also use green materials, including environmentally friendly refrigerate and recyclable parts. You can design your own efficient cooling system today with Mitsubishi Electric at

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