Mitsubishi Electric H2i Hyper-Heating Units Provide Targeted Comfort

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    Summary: Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit demos Mitsubishi Electric’s new H2i Hyper-Heating units, which deliver precise indoor comfort in each conditioned room.

    TOM: Hi, I’m Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit, and if you’ve got hard-to-heat areas in your home, you can create continuous comfort with ductless, efficient H2i Hyper-Heating Units from Mitsubishi Electric. This system refines the heat pump approach to climate control. It uses inverter-driven compressor technology to deliver precise comfort in each conditioned room. Even when outdoor temperatures plummet to negative 13 degrees. H2i Hyper-Heating is still delivering dependable heat. H2i components are whisper-quiet as they heat. With long life allergen filters and an automatic changeover function to maintain room temperature. What’s more, select Hyper Heating Units have an “i-see” sensor to detect real-time temperature changes within a room, and automatically adjust the air flow. Now, you can use H2i to customize heating and cooling in specific rooms, a floor, a wing, or your entire home. You can even tailor heating and cooling to your family’s routine for big savings on home energy bills. Mitsubishi Electric’s H2i systems are Energy Star and tax credit-qualified, and since they don’t require any ductwork, they’re easy for a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond contractor or your own contractor to install. Learn more with a visit to

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