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Microwave Drawers for Left-Handed People

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    LESLIE: Betty Lynn in Arizona, welcome to The Money Pit. How can we help you today?

    BETTY LYNN: I remodeled my kitchen and I need a microwave that opens to the right. I’ve searched everywhere; stores, internet, everything.

    TOM: Where is the microwave mounted?

    BETTY LYNN: It’s over the range.

    TOM: Oh. When we saw your question we had one suggestion for you but it’s not going to work.


    LESLIE: Yeah, I mean …

    TOM: There’s a …

    LESLIE: … even just doing some research myself, Betty Lynn, it seems like everything opens to – you know, controls on the right and then opens to the left because, you know, manufacturers assume everybody is right-handed.

    BETTY LYNN: I know. If you …

    LESLIE: So now you’ve got the door opening with your left hand and your right hand is placing in whatever and then operating the controls, which is unfortunate because there are lefties in the world.

    TOM: I don’t know if there’s another place that this microwave could be installed but the only other type of microwave that we’ve seen, that’s actually fairly new on the market, is made by Sharp and it’s a microwave drawer.

    BETTY LYNN: Right …

    TOM: And it kind of operates like one of those bread drawers and they’re cool they they’re great to be put below countertops or in the space of one of the cabinets, that kind of thing. But up above the range you’re really limited in what you can find for that.

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