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    LESLIE: Bea has a question about insulation. What can we do for you today?

    BEA: Yes. I have just put in new insulation in my attic.
    TOM: OK.
    BEA: And I had heard you talking, one time, to a man, about what to put on the papers; to be sure and include certain things when you go to get your credit on your – for your, you know, energy improvement.
    TOM: (overlapping voices) Yep.
    LESLIE: Bea, when did you put the insulation into your home?
    BEA: Well, about two weeks ago.
    TOM: Ah, well alright. Then I think that you’ll probably qualify. The requirement is it has to meet the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code. How much insulation do you have in your house; how many inches?
    BEA: Ten inches.
    TOM: Ten inches? Hmm, that doesn’t sound like it might be enough. You’re going to have to find out what the required insulation level is for your area in the country.
    BEA: Oh.
    TOM: You could probably do that through the local building department. But if you meet the International Energy Conservation Code, then you can qualify for a 30% tax rebate on the cost of that insulation up to 1,500 bucks. So it’s pretty …
    BEA: Now what’s the name of the code you’re talking about?
    TOM: International Energy Conservation Code.
    BEA: OK.
    TOM: That’s the requirement. It’s got to meet that code. OK?
    BEA: (overlapping voices) OK. I’ll call them and find out. Thanks.
    TOM: Alright, well good luck with that project.
    LESLIE: Good luck with that.
    BEA: Thanks. Bye.

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