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    LESLIE: Alright. Now we’re heading out to Hawaii, the most beautiful place in the world, with Ross. What can we do for you today?

    ROSS: Thank you for saying this. And I had a question for you guys about countertops. What can you recommend that does not require treatment every six months or year like granite or – I know Silestone is supposed to be good. But what can you recommend in the natural-stone arena?

    TOM: Well, Silestone brand is quartz and quartz is not as absorbent as granite and that’s why it needs a little bit less care. Concrete tops are gaining in popularity. But again, all of those stone-based countertops do need regular maintenance and more care than something like a basic, solid-surfacing material that is designed to look like stone.

    So, if you want to us the natural products, you’re going to have to buy into some of that maintenance. And I think if you are definitely committed to natural, I would look at quartz over granite.

    ROSS: And that would include Silestone?

    TOM: Yeah, that’s a type of quartz.

    ROSS: Does that require maintenance?

    TOM: Yep. They all require maintenance, so you’re not going to get something that’s completely maintenance-free. But I think it requires less maintenance than granite because it’s not quite as absorbent. A little more forgiving to those tomato sauce and coffee stains.

    ROSS: OK, great. Well, I appreciate that very much.

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