Liquid Wrench is a Quick Fix for Cold Weather Sticks

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    Summary: Plunging temperatures and winter moisture can wreak havoc with hinges, hardware and winter gear, so be prepared with a sample six-pack of products from Liquid Wrench. The kit includes Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil, which quickly loosens corroded bolts, nuts and hinges, and Silicone Spray to prevent door gaskets from sticking and protect your winter sports gear. Liquid Wrench was featured by Tom Kraeutler in this November 2010 focus on Home Improvement Holiday Gifts.

    TOM: Hi, I’m Tom Kraeutler from Radio’s The Money Pit. When the weather turns cold the corrosion sets in, it’s like the rust season and there are things you can do, though, to protect everything in your house from that happening.

    It starts with the Sample Pack which is new from Liquid Wrench. This package gives you a wrench for every job. There’s a lubricant in here for everything that you could possibly need to lubricate in your house or even in your car.

    It starts with the Penetrating Oil, then you also have Silicone Spray, and White Lithium Grease that will cover a wide range of projects in your house. Then you have a Lubricating Oil, a Dry Lubricant, and a Chain Lube, and the best news the whole sample pack is available for under $15 at Lowe’s and other major retailers nationwide. It’s a great product, the sample pack from Liquid Wrench.

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