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Leaking Metal Roof Repair

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    LESLIE: Heading on over to Minnesota where Mercedes is having some roofing issues. What’s going on at your money pit?

    MERCEDES: Well, I had roofing put on a few years ago and they nailed it in the valleys instead of on the ridges.

    TOM: Oh, OK.

    MERCEDES: And then now that it has rained these – you know, quite a bit in between, then my paint in my kitchen ceiling is peeling off and the sheetrock is wet because of the moisture coming in.

    TOM: So, basically, it’s leaking through the metal valleys because there’s holes in those valleys, Mercedes?

    MERCEDES: Yes. Yes, in the valley.

    TOM: So, obviously, that wasn’t done right. And so, you have really two choices: you can either replace that valley flashing – and that’s a project, because the metal roof has to be loosened up to get the new valley underneath it – or what you could do is silicone-caulk those holes and hope for the best.

    Silicone, you’ll probably get a good couple of years out of that but you may have to do it again.

    MERCEDES: Well, now, I wonder, did you hear about this product that – they put an undercoat on a metal roof to repair it? And then they put a second coat over the top of that?

    TOM: No. And I don’t know how you get an undercoat under a metal roof that’s already down.

    So, metal roofs have been around for over 100 years and they’re super-durable roofs. But the problem is that a lot of times, the contractors don’t have the skill set to properly construct them and properly repair them.

    If they’re installed properly, then they can last indefinitely and be leak-free. It sounds like there were some errors made in the installation of your roof. And so you have to kind of decide now whether you want to take this apart and fix those errors or just continue to explore opportunities for patching.

    If it was me, I would try to disassemble it and replace that flashing, because it’s going to be a sore spot moving forward, not only with water but also, you’re going to have ice dams that’ll form there in your part of the country. The water will get behind it and that can also work its way into the roof.

    OK, Mercedes? Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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